An excerpt from the
Austin Business Journal
February 14-20,1997

Docs see before they buy
R. Weinstein puts medical equipment on show

An 11,000-square-foot showroom off South I-35, R. Weinstein takes medical supplies and office equipment beyond the pages of catalogs and into a comfortable, retail-like setting.

"We've actually set up suites so that the interior designer can visualize what it will look like,"(Richard) Weinstein says.

Office equipment and medical supplies are displayed in a variety of colors for family practices, obstetricians, pediatricians, surgeons and laboratories.

Walt Allinger, support services manager for Austin Regional Clinic, recently purchased an audiometer-a device that tests hearing-from R.Weinstein.

"They had a better price and a quicker turnaround than others I talked to, "Allinger says.

Allinger says he particularly likes the showroom concept because it gets products to customers quickly, rather than shipping from an out-of-town site like companies do that sell from catalogs.

"(The showroom) is real hands-on," Allinger says. "It's set up and ready to go."

Weinstein says the idea for a medical equipment showroom is appropriate because doctors are jazzing up their offices in order to attract new patients.

"In an increasingly competitive environment, physicians are looking to provide a more comfortable environment for (medical care consumers)," Weinstein says.